Amanda Cercas Curry

I'm a PhD student at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, supervised by Prof Verena Rieser and Prof Ruth Aylett.

My research interests are broad and range from the development of open-domain conversational systems to their social impact and how we can develop more ethical AI across disciplines. I believe a multi-disciplinary approach involving diverse teams and feminist design methods are key in solving today’s ethical and technical challenges. If you want to hear a bit more about our work, we ran a workshop in conjunction with the RSE.

My thesis focuses on abuse detection and mitigation in dialogue systems, particularly when it comes to female digital assitants: most commercial conversational AI assistants have female personas and this feminisation of AI can reinforce negative stereotypes of women as subservient, as these systems often produce submissive and sexualised responses to abusive prompts.

My work has been featured on The Scotsman, The Sunday Herald, and Reuters.

I also spoke about my work at the Fintech Insider podcast.

I also co-host a podcast called Let's Chat Ethics:

Watch my TEDx@HWU talk here.